We take pride in providing customers with the utmost detailing service quality at a very affordable price. With the use of both traditional and advanced cleaning techniques, we strive to achieve show quality shine in every vehicle that we work on.

We have been detailing cars that are showcased in major car shows including the prestige Transport Show and the Manila Auto Salon.

To show our value for customers, we make sure that the vehicles are within quality standard before it leaves our premises.

Waxdaddy's Garage
60-62 P. Florentino St., Banawe, Quezon City


We offer a wide variety of services that customers can choose from depending on their need and budget. We guarantee each customer that their rides will be handled with utmost care and importance.

Our shop makes use of Formula 113 car care products which guarantees Show Quality Shine in less time. Formula 113 has been in the market for quite some time and has developed its own enthusiasts through continuous participation in major car shows and auctions throughout the United States.

We offer the following services:

Body Wash - the handwashing of cars with the use of top quality car shampoo and microfiber towels.

Surface Cleaning - the cleansing of car surface with the use of clay bar. This procedure removes contaminants and harsh elements that have been left in your paint finish such as overspray.

Cleaner Wax Application - the application of the cleaner wax help eliminate swirl marks and minor scratches. It Also gives the car the needed protection of carnauba wax.

Sealant Application - the application of sealant helps preserve the luster and shine of the car while providing the car with water repellant protection.

Engine Degreasing - the process of manually cleaning engine compartment freeing it from dust and oil stains and maintaining the new look of the engine.

Interior Cleaning - the process of revitalizing the cars interior removing dust and bad odor.

Car Show Package - combination of all the procedure to ensure Show Quality Look from inside out.


Waterless Engine Detailing
Small - 750
Medium - 1000
Large - 1250
Extra Large - 1500

Interior Detaling
Small - 1500
Medium - 2000
Large - 2500
Extra Large - 3000    

Exterior Detailing
Small - 2500
Medium - 3000
Large - 3500
Extra Large - 4000

Full Detailing
Small - 4000
Medium - 5000
Large - 6000
Extra Large - 7000




How long does it usually take to have an engine detailing?
Waterless engine detailing takes approximately about 2 hours on the average. Some cars with really dirty engine bay may take a little more time while the not so dirty ones may take lesser time.

What is the difference of waterless engine detailing from engine washing?
The difference of airbrush detailing compared to engine washing is that we do not shower your engine with water avoiding parts, electrical wirings. sensors from being soaked in water which may lead to malfunctions in the long run.

Is waterless engine detailing applicable to all kinds of engine?
Yes, waterless engine detailing is applicable to engines old and new, modified or stock, diesel or gasoline. In fact, it is even more recommended to newer engines with more sensors and electrical components.

What chemicals are used in waterless engine detailing?
Waterless engine detailing used chemicals both off the shelf and specially formulated solutions.

Can waterless detailing remove dirt and grime from deep down under the engine bay?
Waterless engine detailing will be able to clean dirt and grime only up to where the hands, brush, and airbrush can reach.

Do we need to set an appointment to avail of the waterless engine detailing service?
You do not need to set an appointment. Walk in clients are very much welcome although we highly recommend that clients come in before 4pm or better yet call us first before coming just to be sure that you can be accommodated.